Updating Older Photos

In an attempt to update my portfolio I have begun to go back through some of my older photos and rework them in Photoshop.  I’ve been concentrating on editing my photos so they are nondestructive.  Utilizing smart objects and layers in Photoshop is a process that I have to master, and make routine, for any future work.

This first image is a photo taken at Magnaball.  A Phish festival in New York last summer. I boosted the colors a little and I added the stars.  I created my own brushes for the stars and the space clouds.

Magnaball-1 copy

This photo was taken at a steam train yard in Connecticut.  I blurred the background and added a sepia tone.  I sharpen the train using the HDR layer technique.  In doing so I was able to sharpen the train number on the front of the train making it a focal point of the image.  This image is a little over processed, but practice makes perfect.


Photoshop is a huge program that will take a long time to really master.  I feel pretty confident with the program now, but I also understand there is still a lot to learn.  I’m going to focus on creating images that I feel represent me as a designer and artist.  In doing so I will end up having a list of techniques that will become the building blocks for my future work.