Final Days of Summer

As the long days of summer start to slowly end up here in Vermont I wanted to share some pictures from my trip to the Outer Banks and Virginia (and one from home to prove a point).  When I travel I find it a little harder to see the finer details of the space I’m in.  At home I wonder the yard daily, or I visit the same spots over and over, so it’s easy to discover the little things that make photography so fun.  This trip I tried to slow down and focus on those little things, but it didn’t really work out.  My two kids were running wild and I found very little time to pull out the camera.  I did get to photograph a sunset on the sound side of the island.  Sunsets speak for themselves, but it was nice to have some people throwing nets and fishing to add some narrative to the images.

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I did find a cool moth on the hood of our car which sat still long enough for me to take a few pictures while we were in Virginia.  There is a certain level of skill involved in photographing bugs.  You have to be calm and slow so you don’t scare them off.  My last photo is of a frog Piper and I found on the shore here in Colchester, VT.  This shows how when I travel I tend to take pictures of the landscape, and when at home I tend to focus on the little things.


I look forward to the fall, one of my four favorite seasons.  The photography will continue, but my focus will be more on illustration and graphic design.  I invite you to checkout and like my Instagram page and my Behance portfolio.  Instagram is more of a daily visual blog of sorts, and Behance is more of an in-depth look into my work.

See you soon!


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July Photography

As July quickly passes me by I have found very little time to focus on any art projects. Summers are busy with travel, work, and school.  Quick tip, never take a statistics class in the summer, it sucks.  So, I decided to break out the camera that I have been neglecting, and went on an evening walk after a round of intense thunderstorms blew through.  Here are a few pictures I took on my walk.  I worked on a few things during this photo adventure.  First, I wanted to move closer to my subject.  I often find that I take a picture from more of a distance and crop the image later.  Next, I wanted to take the picture as close to my mental image as possible.  This means I really wanted to do as little editing in Lightroom and Photoshop as possible, so I used the settings on my camera to create the feel I wanted.  For the most part it worked out, but I still had to do some adjustments in Lightroom.

I did continue my merchandise journey.  I got a round of stickers printed of my “Little Bee” drawing (found in my last blog post).  I’m going to redesign my site this fall, and add in a store where you can easily purchase any of the pictures I’ve take, posters I’ve created, or stickers I’ve made.


Traveling to Washington D.C.

Traveling to Washington D.C. is always a great opportunity to take some pictures of great architecture, sculptures, and my kids.  I took a couple hundred pictures, but most of them were on the move.  So, it’s going to take a little work to find any images with potential.  Here is a small collection of architecture pictures I took while walking along the National Mall.  Here I’m trying to create a small collection of work that have similar settings.  All these pictures were edited from the RAW files in Adobe Lightroom.