September Adventures and Geometry


What happened to September?

I’m still in a state of shock by how fast September went.  It was a busy month for a few reasons.  First, I went on an exciting trip to Hartford, CT for an Aaron Draplin workshop and talk.  Second, my classes this semester really kept me on edge.  Last, Piper started kindergarten, and getting use to being a ballet and Girl Scout dad takes a little time. There is a lot to cover in this post, so lets dive in.


I traveled down to Hartford a few weeks ago for a workshop and talk with Aaron Draplin.  Most of you might not know who he is, a few of you definitely do.  He’s a graphic designer with personality, and he’s really good. He has an eye for older industrial design.  He likes to call it junk, but he’s really bringing some of these lost treasures back to life.  I learned a lot during the workshop about workflow, keeping files clean, and working with customers. The most important thing I learned was to keep creating and making “stuff”.  Don’t stop, and most of all say “YES”.   Do everything that comes my way even if it doesn’t pay a dime.  He’s a great speaker and a true inspiration.  I picked up some of his merchandise while I was there.  Best part, he gave a book away at the end and I won it!

See his work here:


I’ve been working on creating geometric shapes with Illustrator.  It’s a lot of fun and geometric shapes and patterns have been a love of mine since my “mind expanding” days.  It was nice to sit down and just create shapes and patterns in Illustrator that can be used in the future.  I’ve been trying to build a database of sorts.  These are just basic ideas that can be easily incorporated into any design.  It becomes a timesaver.



Last, school is wearing me down.  I only have four more rounds of classes left, so I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This semester was Digital Publishing  and Introduction to Marketing.  I actually enjoyed the digital publishing class a lot.  EPUB3 has it issues, but in the near future it’s going to make reading digital publications pretty exciting.  The magazine I created is a photography magazine called Aperture.  It has a monthly theme that photographers from around the world can contribute too.  This project was more about adding in EPUB3 functions like video, audio, external links, and formatting digital publications.  Below are screenshots of the magazine.  The EPUB has videos, a podcast that you can listen to right from the magazine, and a scrollable photo gallery.




All the titles on the TOC page are links to the articles, and the Nikon ad is a video that plays.


The blank space under the smaller mountain scape image is an audio player for the podcast

So there you have it.  September was a little crazy, but I feel like I accomplished a lot. Coming up:I’m working on redesigning my website.  That’s another post all together.  More stickers, and hopefully a set of holiday cards.  Yes I said it, HOLIDAY cards.

The Metatron’s Cube (orange geometric above) got turned into a sticker.  They are beautiful!  I now have two stickers ( the Bee and the Metatron Cube ) and a poster to offer, and I started a Paypal account if anyone is interested.  The Metatron’s Cube looks pretty cool when you create a pattern with them!  $3.oo each.


Make a pattern with a few of them for a really cool effect!



7 Species of bees where put on the endangered species list this month



Little Bee Illustration


doublebeeI’ve been going to school for three years, and since I started I have done very little personal drawing.  Most of my work has been projects for class, although it’s taught me a lot, I really do miss sitting down with a pencil and drawing little things (doodles).  For the last week I have been trying to do a “doodle a day”.  You can see some of my progress on my Instagram account.  Below is a little doodle of a bee that I drew.  I decided to take it a step further and bring it into Illustrator for some touch ups.


I used the app Adobe Capture to turn this into a vector drawing, and then brought it into Illustrator to add coloring and more detail.  I utilized my Wacom Tablet, and was able to create a new custom brush.



It learned a lot from the process.  First, I’m going to take the drawings in my sketchbook further when it comes to detail.  Second, I’m going to focus on my line work, so when I do bring it into the computer the drawing is cleaner.  I do like the fuzzy messy look of this, but I would like to be just a little cleaner.


April Illustrator Practice

Since my graphic design classes are done, it’s up to me to continue learning and practicing on my own.  I have been a member of for about a year now, and I’m going to try to take a class once a week.  One of the advantages of being done with my college classes is I can now begin to focus on the techniques and effects that interest me most, but on the downside I don’t have projects to push me along.  So, I have to create my own projects until I start doing work for clients.

Below is from a Skillshare class.  It’s a simple ombre effect I created in Adobe Illustrator.  The technique leads to endless effects and backgrounds.


The image below was a late night drawing session where I focused on creating geometric shapes and designs.  I love geometry and practicing simple geometric forms is a great way to use a wide variety of tools in Illustrator.