Little Bee Illustration


doublebeeI’ve been going to school for three years, and since I started I have done very little personal drawing.  Most of my work has been projects for class, although it’s taught me a lot, I really do miss sitting down with a pencil and drawing little things (doodles).  For the last week I have been trying to do a “doodle a day”.  You can see some of my progress on my Instagram account.  Below is a little doodle of a bee that I drew.  I decided to take it a step further and bring it into Illustrator for some touch ups.


I used the app Adobe Capture to turn this into a vector drawing, and then brought it into Illustrator to add coloring and more detail.  I utilized my Wacom Tablet, and was able to create a new custom brush.



It learned a lot from the process.  First, I’m going to take the drawings in my sketchbook further when it comes to detail.  Second, I’m going to focus on my line work, so when I do bring it into the computer the drawing is cleaner.  I do like the fuzzy messy look of this, but I would like to be just a little cleaner.