Website Launch

Screenshot 2016-05-07 10.23.12

Today is a great day!  I have finally launched my website.  I worked on this site all last semester in my Advanced Design for the Web class, and I have been fine tuning it for the last month.  The portfolio page will change as I create new work that highlights my design skills.  If you see any mistakes let me know.  If you think something doesn’t look good, I’m cool with constructive criticism.  Share this site, spread the word, and if you need some work done contact me!



April Illustrator Practice

Since my graphic design classes are done, it’s up to me to continue learning and practicing on my own.  I have been a member of for about a year now, and I’m going to try to take a class once a week.  One of the advantages of being done with my college classes is I can now begin to focus on the techniques and effects that interest me most, but on the downside I don’t have projects to push me along.  So, I have to create my own projects until I start doing work for clients.

Below is from a Skillshare class.  It’s a simple ombre effect I created in Adobe Illustrator.  The technique leads to endless effects and backgrounds.


The image below was a late night drawing session where I focused on creating geometric shapes and designs.  I love geometry and practicing simple geometric forms is a great way to use a wide variety of tools in Illustrator.


April 2016 Photoshop Practice

These are a few pictures I edited in Photoshop for the month of April 2016. I have been practicing a few techniques that would get me back into using some Photoshop tools that I haven’t used in awhile.