April Illustrator Practice

Since my graphic design classes are done, it’s up to me to continue learning and practicing on my own.  I have been a member of Skillshare.com for about a year now, and I’m going to try to take a class once a week.  One of the advantages of being done with my college classes is I can now begin to focus on the techniques and effects that interest me most, but on the downside I don’t have projects to push me along.  So, I have to create my own projects until I start doing work for clients.

Below is from a Skillshare class.  It’s a simple ombre effect I created in Adobe Illustrator.  The technique leads to endless effects and backgrounds.


The image below was a late night drawing session where I focused on creating geometric shapes and designs.  I love geometry and practicing simple geometric forms is a great way to use a wide variety of tools in Illustrator.



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